Born in Budapest, I am half Latvian, half Hungarian, and half Batman. I spent my early childhood in London England, solving crimes with a well-known detective (not Nancy Drew), and then my family moved to Canada. I have been spreading the awesome here ever since. Tell me Toronto isn’t the center of the universe; go on, I need a laugh!

Being physically active has been a part of my entire life. From a young age I was a gymnast doing awesome flips, then moved to karate doing awesome air kicks. I then graduated to muay-thai kickboxing in my teens. Tiring of fighting sweaty dudes, I turned to hypertrophy training (bodybuilding).

In my early 20’s I enlisted in the Canadian Army as an infanteer. I was part of 1 RCR, Charles Company, 9 Platoon, 2 section, call sign 33 Bravo. I spent years training in hand-to-hand combat, specialized weapons courses (i.e.: 25mm turret operator) and field tactics. I was always in the top 5% for athletic performance and endurance training. I was also constantly in trouble for having a personality. The moniker “Gypsy” was given to me due to my immigrant status and my awesome man-beard. Reference video.

In early 2010 I deployed to Afghanistan with the 1 RCR Battle Group, deployed as a C-9 light machine gunner. Nothing funny about it, war is serious. Hats off to the young men who didn’t come home with us, and those injured on the battlefield. After 8 months of combat in Kandahar, my tour of duty was up, and I was awarded the General Campaign Star.

I came home (had sex for the first time in 8 months) and released from the Army in 2011. I enrolled in University, and am currently completing my undergrad at Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Business, majoring in marketing and minoring in communication. At times I feel like I’m living in a sit-com, “so we’ll take this army grunt, and throw him in business school!” Hahaha!!

All the while I continue to educate myself on the Paleo diet, and working out. Balancing my time between school, work, friends, family, and love… I live everyday with a smile on my face.

“No one ever dies wishing they had watched more t.v.”