mission statement

“I am passionate about physical fitness and eating healthy. The purpose of this web site it to share my experience and knowledge with others, so that you too can realize fitness is fun, and through hard work it is possible to achieve great results.” 

My approach is three fold:

How to eat right,…. on a student budget

  • Year round I have 6-pack abs without doing a single sit-up. How? Easy, abs are made in the kitchen! 
  • A healthy diet will keep you strong and skinny, but many people fear the price tag. I’m here to show you that eating healthier doesn’t have to cost more. 
  • I am constantly reading and reviewing books and articles from different sources. I will deliver my perspective on the most beneficial information.

How to workout properly,… and get the results you want!

  • Lets tune up your time in the gym!
  • I’ll help you create effective workout routines, and achieve your specific fitness goals. I’ll even give you different workout routines I’ve created for all levels of athlete; Beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Bela Kuglics is synonymous with “form.” Doing every exercise with the best form, will deliver the best results. I will continuously show you how to fine-tune your exercises and workouts.

How to incorporate diet and exercise,… AND have an awesome life outside the gym!

  • I only workout 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. That’s it! I still have plenty of time to live, laugh and love.
  • Eat right, get the body you want, and live your life to the fullest! I’m just a well balanced man,… leading by example.