Lunch at mom’s house. Two giants flank steaks, and all the grilled veggies a boy could ask for.

(at 67 Castlebar road. Toronto. )

Throwin’ around some 100 pound Dumbbells on incline. Why not.

10x reps, 3sets.

oh, and this is after going to a 1 rep max on flat bench (325 lbs.) and three sets for strength training. [275 lbs. 3x reps].

Thanks to @corbachov for photo cred.

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Finished Poliquin’s 4 week chest specialization program today.

Hit pecs 3x a week.

Monday: Pushing to 1x rep max
[finished with 325 pounds!]
Wednesday: strength training
Friday: hypertrophy training

Tuesday & Thursday:
Legs, back and biceps.

This program has no tricep or shoulder work. This is to save fuel for chest.

Back to a balanced program starting Monday. Thanks Poliquin, It was a blast. Literally.

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Tell me again how eating healthy is “so0o hard.” Pfff…

10 Time-Saving Kitchen Hacks You Need to Know →

whats your favourite brand of coffee

I use a blend. First off, I grind my own fresh. I’ll usually grind enough for about 4-5 days. The to make it I use a french-press. Yes, because I’m that d-bag.

I use 1/2 organic kicking horse. The other half vietnamese coffee. Vietnamese coffee is so tasty, but I find it so sweet, so blending it with nice dark bitter roasts really creates the perfect blend (for me).

Various foods in portions of 200 calories [45 pictures] | 22 Words →

I wouldn’t eat most of the trash on this list, but it helps Contextualize portion sizes.

In big brush strokes, the obvious point is that veggies contain a lot less calories, so you can consume larger portions of them while staying skinny. Plus they’re filled with all kinds of amazing things your body needs.

I also like how a sliver of a glazed doughnut is the equivalent to a head of broccoli.

The bottom line is you can more or less eat as much vegetables as you like, have clean sources of proteins and fats, and you won’t have to count calories.

Don’t eat until your buttons pop. Drink tons of water. And it’s okay to feel a little hungry.

Am@zing Breakfast in under 10 minutes

heat up pan
coconut oil
add veggies:
add 4x eggs
[best accompanied with awesome black coffee!]

Everyone has 10 minutes in the morning. Make yourself a priority!

The BK Breakfast Special:

3x organic eggs - sunny side up!
1/2x avocado - [lov’ocado]
1x tomato with sliced onion
Organic boar bacon
1x cup of black coffee (obviously)

What’s your favorite breakfast?

Another salad masterpiece by yours truly.

Shrimp & Olive Salad (homemade! Paleo!)

decided to to treat myself today and make this delicious meal. Home marinade for the shrimp, and homemade dressing for the salad.

100% Paleo

100% healthy

100% vitaminBK approved